Home Security Cameras

If home security is important to you an ideal way to achieve this is with an IP camera. The cameras can be setup to email you if unexpected movement is detected. You can also monitor the live video to see if there is any unexpected activity. In a lot of instances this may be preferable to a normal alarm system where it might not be obvious what had triggered the alarm. You can imagine that if you are on holiday and your alarm triggers you aren't always able to know what's happening however with an IP camera you can check your property anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
Tilt & Turn

Internal  Tilt & turn  

External Camera

External  Waterproof  


Additionally the cameras can be configured with a memory card to record videos and pictures for future reference. Recordings overwrite typically on a weekly basis but dependant on the size of storage card used and amount of activity. Because the cameras can record and send email alerts independently, there is no need for a separate computer to monitor the cameras. However you can use a PC as shown below to monitor, control and record your cameras if you prefer.

Wireless & IP Cameras
Example of Blue Iris PC monitoring